Legislative Update – Baptism and Communion

The House of Bishops amended resolution C029 on Access to Baptism and Communion, which is discussed below. The Bishops agreed with the work of the Diocese of Georgia deputation and others who worked to strike the last sentence of the substitute resolution proposed by the Evangelism Committee. The amended resolution will now return to the House of Deputies for consideration. With the bulk of work in front of this House of Deputies, we may not be able to consider this resolution at all. This may well be a relief to many deputies who seemed genuinely unaware that the resolution would be interpretted as offering approval for the practice of intentionally offering communion to those who are not baptized.

Final update on this resolution
As the final substantive resolution of the General Convention, C029 as amended by the House of Bishop’s. The final resolution approved by both houses reads:

Resolved, the House of Bishops concurring, that The Episcopal Church reaffirms that baptism is the ancient and normative entry point to receiving Holy Communion and that our Lord Jesus Christ calls us to go into the world and baptize all peoples.


2 Responses to “Legislative Update – Baptism and Communion”

  1. John King says:

    Praying that the resolution will be heard and accepted!

  2. John King says:

    Good going Team!