View All Resolutions
With the convention underway, you can see and track all resolutions at the link above. The four types of resolutions are A Resolutions which are the work of tyhe committees, commissions, agencies and boards (CCABs) which met during the 2010-2012 triennium. These were published in advance of the convention in the 750-page Blue Book. This 750-page publication contains the reports and resolutions from these groups which meet between conventions. Resolutions may also be submitted to convention by three other groups: bishops (B resolutions); dioceses (C resolutions); and deputies (D resolutions).

The Diocese of Georgia submitted two resolutions, C111 on Structural Reform which the diocesan convention passed unanimously in 2012 and C112 on Adding Deaconess Anna E.B. Alexander to Holy Women, Holy Men, which the diocesan convention passed unanimously in 2011.

Same Gender Blessings
One much-discussed piece of legislation to come before the General Convention in 2012 will concern the blessing of Same Gender Unions. Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music (SCLM) has created a web page with resources related to this legislation, which is online here: SCLM Materials and the proposed rite with supporting materials is now online here:

Bishop Benhase has created a document answering frequently asked questions concerning what the proposed rite will mean for the Diocese of Georgia. That FAQ is online here:

Contact your Bishop and Deputies
Even with the convention underway, any member of an Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Georgia may be in contact with their deputies about any legislation by emailing deputies[at]georgiaepiscopal[dot]org (replacing the text in brackets with the appropriate symbols. That email address forwards automatically to Bishop Benhase, the four clergy and lay deputies, and the first alternates in each order.