Legislation – Rite for Blessing Same Sex Relationships

The Deputies of the Diocese of Georgia voted 3-1 against provisional adoption of this rite in both clergy and lay deputations. This, by the rules of the House, is registered as a “No” vote by both the clergy and laity. This vote may be deeply painful to both those who wished we had spoken with one voice in favor of this rite as well as those who wish we had unanimously rejected the blessing liturgy. Having listened to those who spoke at the Listening Sessions around the Diocese, two of our deputies felt that while a no vote would represent the Diocese, it was a more accurate representation of the Diocese we were elected to represent if the vote registered that the Diocese is not of one mind in disapproving of this rite. The lay person and priest who voted in favor of this rite willingly represented those in the Diocese who spoke in favor of a rite of blessing same sex relationships.

View the resolution here: A049


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