Legislation begins moving through the two Houses

Once out of commitee, resolutions are sent to either the House of Deputies or the House of Bishops as a “house of initial action.” Just like with the Federal government with House of Representatives and Senate which must both approve of the same form of a bill, the General Convention has only acted when both bishops and deputies approve of an identical resolution.

Today, both houses were organized for business and jumped in to considering legislation. In the House of Deputies, the Georgia Deputation was unanimous in its support of telling the committee on Program, Budget and Finance (which is working to finalize a budget for the coming 3 years) to restore $300,000 to fund the Episcopal Youth Event.

This evening, the main event is a meeting of the Structure Committee, which is considering proposals to significantly change The Episcopal Church. Most everyone agrees this should happen, though there is little agreement on specifics yet to emerge. That meeting finished, the last meeting of the day starts at 9:30 p.m. as many consider An Acts 8 Moment, which intends to encourage a prayerful discernment as part of Convention.

Above, the Rev. Cheryl Parris, Rector of St. Matthew’s Savannah, volunteers as a greeter (and therefore bouncer as well) for te House of Deputies.


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