The video above by Canon Frank Logue was quickly put together after a time of discernment led to his agreeing to be nominated for President of the House of Deputies. The official nomination will take place in a special order of business Sunday afternoon, July 8. This nomination is with the strong support of Bishop Benhase and the Georgia deputation.


9 Responses to “Canon Logue to be Nominated for President House of Deputies”

  1. Jim Elliott says:


  2. John King says:

    If it was my will you would already be elected! You, the GA Delegation and the entire convention are in my prayers!

  3. Frederick Buechner says:

    What a blessing Frank would be to our Church. Our gratitude to him for offering himself to serve in this capacity.

  4. Alan Peaslee says:

    This is some of the most exciting news yet from the convention! Maybe a sign of an approaching Act 8 moment.

  5. Harry W Shipps says:

    Great news. Its a big job and, if elected, I hope GA will not lose him.
    Will he have to shave?

  6. Randy Ferebee says:

    What a happy thought!

  7. Bill Dolen says:

    Excellent! God be at your side, Frank.

    I don’t think he would have to shave.

  8. Bill Bruce says:

    A glorious happening, both for the Convention and for the Diocese of Georgia! Congratulations, Frank! You’ll be a marvelous President, and you are in our prayers. And many thanks to your nominators.