Georgia Night

A General Convention tradition for our Diocese is that on one night all of those from the Diocese of Georgia who are at the Convention, gather together for dinner. This includes Deputies and Alternates to the General Convention, but also those like the Sisters of the Order of St. Helena in Augusta who have an exhibit booth, the owmen attending the Episcopal Church Women Trienniel Meeting (which meets alongside the convention) as well as volunteers for the convention and interest groups. The group of 30 gathered at Buca di Bepo on Sunday night to enjoy time together apart from the busy-ness of Convention. Bishop Benhase’s sharing another Bishop teaching him “Everything you need to know about the House of Bishops is in the movie the Godfather” complete with impersonations was a hit with the group.


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  1. John Clemens says:

    Love it. Why am I not surprised Fr. Joe would pick a table under the spaghetti eating contest! A true artie at heart.